2/14/03 Valentine at Dart! What a daunting task was at hand. Between 600 and 700 workers. The workers at Dart Container were just awesome in this campaign. Many helped from start to finish. This was one of the largest manufacturing organizing campaigns on the west coast. And we are one of the smallest unions ("This great little union of ours") on the west coast. Wow.

320 to 185. Union Yes. Great celebration party! Now is the task of bargaining. I feel the workers here can do anything they want! Local 214? Or 135?

Many thanks to the people at Kimberly Clark in Fullerton who helped in this campaign, Martin Perez, Mack Bumanglag, Misty Dyson Ivy, David Smith, Tony Moreno and Ralph Garcia. Thanks to all the Volunteer Organizers that took time from their families to help, Javier Reynoso, Stephanie Garcia, Gerald Cawvey, Larry Adams, Jeannie Shell and Ken Parsons.

A special thanks to David Herrera. Thanks you for everything. Meeting next Wednesday to let them know of the scheduling for a vote of the bargaining board!

Our last newsletter:
Editors note: This newsletter was created for DART employees by DART employees for the purpose of educating the workforce on the progress of the union campaign and the benefits of working union. Inside this newsletter.
· Dart Bargaining Now.
· Union Meetings
· Who is Starting Rumors
· What are we voting for
· Comparison on back

Dart is Bargaining right now!

Dart management is implying that they will not bargain with the workers over working conditions. The fact is, they already are. Why have they been promising changes and asking for another chance? Why, they are bargaining and listening to your needs! Why? Because you workers have stood up and started organizing! Any change they have done in the last few months have been on your behalf and have come about only because of your efforts. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Special Thanks to all the Dart workers who participated in the BBQ at Prado Park!
a Vote from the heart!

Attend your Union Meeting!

· Tuesdays at Midnight after swing Shift at the Dynasty Suites Hotel 6th Street & Paseo Grande.
· Wednesday's 8am - Dynasty Suites.
· Wednesdays 2pm & 4pm - Pizza Palace Magnolia and Rimpau.

Spanish Speaking Meetings
Wednesday Midnight
Thursday 8am &
2:00 to 5:30pm
Dynasty Suites

Stand firm in your convictions, and vote your conscience. Go in prayer before you go to vote. Make a decision based on what is best for you and your family on February 14th.
Who is starting Rumors?

Workers from your plant have been called into the office over alleged rumors floating around in your plant. This takes the cake in hypocrisy. Remember the false information concerning the authorization cards? How about the plant relocation? How about the outlandish union dues? Plants we did not even try to organize? Bargains that they say took forever? Dart management has no problem in handing out rumors. But they want to be the only one spreading them.

What are we Voting For?

There is a simple answer. We are voting on whether or not we are going to exercise our right guaranteed by law. The decision to be made is if we are going to force Dart to sit down and bargain in good faith, with representatives of our choice elected from our plant, over wages, benefits and working conditions in the plant. If we want to exercise this right, VOTE YES. If we want the opportunity for improvements in our lives we must stay positive. If we trust the company to change things and treat us fairly & equally on their own, we may be disappointed.

Remember, your vote is confidential. The company will not know how you vote! Stand up for your rights!

If you have any other pressing questions, please call toll free:

…Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart, and yield a harvest through perseverance.
Luke 8:15