Congratulations To Dart Employees

      Local 5 would like to congratulate the employees of Dart Container in their recent successful election bid and their effort to take control of their future.

We would like to welcome the newest members of the Association of Western Pulp And Paper Workers.

Your recent decision is only but a step in the long journey ahead, one that will never end, as there is no destination, only many wonderful stops along the way.

Although there will be times of turmoil and exasperation, keep your heads high, for YOU have made the decision to take control of your future.

All of the resources of every local will be made available to you for the asking, but as you know, the Union is YOU, and YOU will be the ones who will make the decisions regarding your future now.

The history of the AWPPW is one of individuals, who took the initiative to stand tall, be “Rebel’s”, to work for common justice, and to fight for the benefits, and working conditions that are rightfully yours.

Your vote confirms that “Rebel Spirit”, and we are proud to welcome you into the association.


Together in Solidarity,

Fraternally Yours,

AWPPW Local 5

Camas, WA